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Leaf Vacuum & Chipper Buying Guide

A chipper and vacuum can keep your lawn free from fallen branches, leaves and twigs, and by turning them to mulch ensures your lawn is in the best possible condition. There are several types of chipper shredders that range from light electric units to large ones powered by gasoline.

A chipper is equipped with a chute that holds the branches for chipping, while the shredder reduces leaves and other light material. While the shredder works on the leaves, blades chop the wood, with some of the more powerful machines capable of handling twigs. Once the material has been processed it is placed in a bag.

Features to Look For

It will be easier to find what you’re looking for by becoming familiar with the terminology used. The first thing you need to consider is the engine horsepower, and the basic rule is the more HP the machine has the more capable it is. If you’re only going to use the chipper on occasion and don’t need a heavy duty machine, a light chipper will do, but if you’ve got a large lawn that requires regular maintenance, buy the most powerful unit you can afford.
The chipper capacity refers to the maximum diameter of the branches the device can handle. The reduction ratio on the other hand, refers to how effective the chipper is in terms of minimizing yard wastage. If the ratio is 10:1 this signifies the device can turn 10 bags of debris into a bagful of processed stuff.
These are the basic features of chipper shredders that you need to look at, but others have more such as a trailer hitch or tow bar so you can use a lawn tractor or ATV for transporting the device. Other units are compatible with electrical starters so it’s easier to operate a gasoline powered chipper. You will also find some machines have knives and blades capable of self-sharpening so little maintenance is required.

The Cub Cadet

If you’re looking for a chipper shredder you can try the Cub Cadet Chipper, which has been developed specifically to remove leaves from your deck, patios, borders and lawn free from leaves, grass cuttings and the like. The Chipper is fitted with a 159cc 4 stroke engine that delivers up to 3.6 hp. Furthermore, the unit comes with an OHV-type configuration that lessens pollution emissions and noise.
Another benefit of the Cadet is it is flexible and provides you with a blade for branch chipping and several flail blades for leaf reduction. The chipper also has a chute which streamlines the branch feed process, and with the ratio at 10:1 you will get enough mulch for protecting flowerbeds and composting.
In terms of capacity the Cadet delivers thanks to its generous 60 liter mulch bag, vacuum with 34m3/min capacity and a working width measuring 61cm. Furthermore, the chipper has a 2 meter hose kit so you can clear borders and other hard to reach spots easily. The Cub Cadet Vacuum uses ball bearing equipped wheels for smooth movement, and it’s capable of handling leaves up to 38mm in diameter.
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30 November 2015 20:47